Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Swim...............

OK, so I've covered this a little bit already, but it bears repeating.

The Swim is Not My Strong Event

Yeah, no S#!t CD, you and everyone else, the swim is long, it's hard, it's technical, and you don't even get a good sweat when you finish, you're just cold and wet. On the plus side, you can get a good tan.

So this week is the beginning of my big build-up to Pacific Grove, and the ELF said I would be challenged. Yup- she's right, I'm challenged. The swim workout today was just plain hard. I don't know why but it seemed harder than the swim test I just did and it was only 2 more 100s.

I will say this- my swim is getting MUCH better. I was doing sub 1:30 100s and if you put a gun to my head 6 months ago there's no way that would have happened. I've put in a lot of pool time over the past 7 weeks, and it's starting to pay off- enough that it only takes about a 200 yard warmup for me to feel like I actually WANT to swim (I usually only felt that way on the last 50).

So it works- this training stuff is actually a pretty good idea! I'm no coach, and will probably never be one, but I can be coached like nobody's business. You build the program, tell me how and when to do it, and I can execute on a plan. I swear, I'm like a case study for a coaching business. To quote Field of Dreams- "If you build it they will come..." I just need the structure and a plan to follow, because dangit, I'm just too darned busy w/ Kids and a house and a job to worry about what I should do tomorrow in the pool.

Knowing that, I press on- my workouts for the day in the books, my training report complete, and work still to be done to pay for it all. Until tomorrow!

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