Thursday, August 26, 2010

The "Gut Buster"

So you know that you're in for a rough day when your coach describes the workout as a "Gut Buster" and mentions, with some delight, that I'm going to be in oxygen debt the whole time. Sweet! Oh, and did I mention that we're having the hottest weather of the summer right now? Did I also mention that the Diva got up early again and kept me from getting my workout done this morning? The lunch run beckons!

So today's hell-fest was an hour run w/ 5 hard intervals followed by "moderate- NOT EASY" intervals. Didn't seem bad looking at it on paper. I was wrong. Woof. I definitely suffered on this one, and was suffering for the rest of the day. I think I'm feeling some dehydration creeping in, so I'll need to get on top of that.

We've had a really mild summer here, so I'm not used to the 90+ heat, and it's rough to train in. I normally like heat, but I usually get some time to adjust to it. Oh well. Suck it up Denton- you're in the home stretch before Pac Grove. 2 more weeks until race day. It'll all pay off.

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  1. Those intervals are fun arent they?? Did some last night as well! Ouch!