Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bike test- how I love thee.....

Yeah- not so much really.

The bike test was yesterday. I've done this probably half a dozen times since last summer and it kills me every time. I guess that's the point though. 20 minutes of all out , what-have-you-got, bring-it as hard as you can riding. That's what I call fun.

I don't know why the bike test is as intimidating as it is. I literally pushed it out as far as I could yesterday, finally getting on my trainer at 8:40pm last night after getting the kids to bed. Talk about procrastination. It's just a brutal 20 minutes and I have to gear up for it- get my head ready. Even then, during the warmup I'm filled with self doubt and over analyze every little tweak and cramp and muscle strain. It's amazing how the head drives the body.

I know I have work to do on the mental side. Everyone does. Even my coach. She put up a great blog posing on the subject today and I couldn't agree more with what she said. I'm my own worst enemy and my greatest limiting factor is my brain, not my body.

So here's to breaking down barriers and breakthrough performances! I know I have some in me this year.

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